Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day!

We had a snow day today! Big winter storm overnight (which in these parts means "a couple inches of snow and icy roads"). We don't have things like tire chains or a fleet of snowplows (I've literally never seen a snowplow in real life), nor do we natives to the area know how to drive on ice (haven't a clue) so this means everything shut down, basically.

I'm really proud of the fact that there are NO footprints in this photo.
I nearly fell down stepping off the curb (onto ice) to take the photo, but it was worth it.

Frolicking in fractured ice (he's standing on his own! victory!)

Georgie found a naturally-formed snow fort just his size!

Speaking of "just Georgie's size," here's an icicle his size on my car.

Salted steps

Snowdrifts in the stairway

See how this photo looks all foggy? I exhaled before I pushed the button.

On the balcony in the morning. See that parking lot? I'm glad work was cancelled...

Snow day buddies!

"Helping" us clear the snow/ice from the car so we can go get a late lunch.

From inside the car, pre-windshield-scraping

In Virginia Beach, we don't salt the roads. We sand them. Seriously... that's sand.
I told you we don't really know what to do with snow. It's confusing to us.

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