Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another Norfolk Mermaid

As planned, we went across the street after work and got a photo with another Norfolk mermaid! This one is in the middle of the (geographically very small) campus:

It was so cold (weather advisory all day for super-low wind chill, and I believed it after I went outside) so we didn't go wandering in search of more interesting things this time. There's another mermaid right around the block at the Norva (small live music venue that I love) but it was just... so cold. I wanted to get into the mall and pick up my pizza so I could head home:

Pear and gorgonzola from California Pizza Kitchen, yum!
I have a whole weekend off, which - other than between semesters when we're closed for weekends - I haven't had in... I don't even know. Two years? The perks of being full-time... Anyway, it's still really cold out but we'll do some fun things anyway!

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