Thursday, January 23, 2014

Norfolk Mermaid

The Norfolk campus has to borrow me to work there a few days, which means a little change of scenery! We missed out yesterday (in favor of a snow day) and today was delayed opening at noon, so I only had a little time before heading in to the library to find something interesting for Georgie to enjoy. We parked at the mall, so I found a Norfolk mermaid!

Do you see Georgie? He's in the seat cushion down front.

The city of Norfolk started posting these statues (decorated by local artists) all over the city several years ago. It's kind of a fun little game for locals and tourists alike to try to find as many as they can. This one is called "Go Diva"... get it?

My last Little Visitor, Clyde, got to see the one at Eastern Virginia Medical School last year. We should see another one tomorrow, because there's one right across the street from our library! I hope it warms up a little, because I can spend more time wandering during lunch, finding cool fun things for Georgie to see!

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