Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fight for CNU our Captains!

Last night was CNU's homecoming (my undergraduate alma mater) so Georgie and I drove to Newport News to attend!

We won, 24-7! Hooray!

To pump me and Georgie up before the game, I taught him our fight song:

(Which is saying something, because out of my alumni friends, only the ones who were in marching band know the song.)

Speaking of marching band, Fiance was in it all four years, so he participated with the alumni band at halftime... which I was so involved in watching, I completely forgot that I had pulled out my camera and Georgie, so I only got a shot of them leaving the field:

We also had fireworks, which is not something we expected (this is only the... second?... night game I've been to at our school, because we didn't get field lights until after I graduated) so I have no photos of that, either.

We had a fun time, but I decided that Georgie is going to need some winter clothes very soon, because we were bundled up and still couldn't feel our toes!!!

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